About Us

Sara Hickman’s Top Secret Science is a preschool entertainment company.  Our entertainment is science-based, educational and interactive.  We focus on students ages 3 to 7.

Here at Sara Hickman’s TOP SECRET SCIENCE we live by the 3E’s – Educate, Entertain and Engage.  We do this by bringing our interactive laboratories to you.

Sara Hickman’s TOP SECRET SCIENCE has always had the goal to show learners that science is all around us.  Science experiments are conducted with everyday items.  Most experiments and demonstrations can be recreated at home with the supervision of responsible adults.

When hiring Sara Hickman’s Top Secret Science you are hiring a company that believes learning is active.  We take an hands-on, entertaining approach to education utilizing the world around us.

All of our experiments and demonstrations are conducted with everyday items that you can find at home, the recycling bin or a local retailer.  Most of the events include a take-home item that reinforces the information taught during the event.  These include things like “The Gravity Flapper”, “Top Secret Flubber”, “The Cup Pulley”, and “Bubble Shakers.”

Many of the events can be customized to fit any theme or unit of study.  Just recently we adapted the “Kitchen Paint A” class for an “Around the World” theme. We called our event “Rectangles Around the World.”  By using rectangles only the students were able to make a variety of different flags.


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