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Dinosaur Eggs

Spend an afternoon creating dinosaur eggs with this simple, but fun and educating art project!

Styrofoam Egg (available at craft stores)
Craft Knife (for adults only)
Paint brushes

1. Cut the bottom off of the Styrofoam egg so it sits flat.
2. Place paints in an egg carton or on a plate and have the child paint the egg however they wish.

When completed talk to your child about the type of dinosaur egg they made to encourage further thinking. Ask questions such as “What type of dinosaur comes from your egg?” Or “Why is your egg green?”


Dinosaurs Teach Preschoolers the Importance of Science

Jim Henson’s Company has done it again, creating a new mean of education for children. PBS Kids debuted “Dinosaur Train,” a half-hour program that follows raptors, T-Rex and other dinosaurs through the world of science and natural history. Not only will your little ones love the dinosaur cast, but they will learn the importance of such subjects as seasons and ocean life.

Check your local listings for air times.

Paleontologists Discover new Breed!

September was an incredible month for paleontologists. Not only were two species found in Utah identified, but a new species was discovered in Spain.

The “Concavenator” is a new breed of theropod that was discovered early last month. This dinosaur was never seen before this discovery and has two distinct features. The first is a hump located at the last vertebra and the second being quill rods on the forearms. This means the species had feathers. Due to this feature, this dinosaur is the largest dinosaur known to have feathers.

The two named species and the new Concavenator are four-legged herbivores.