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Take Action

“Waiting for Superman” demonstrates the importance of education reform in our country. If you are feeling inspired by the film there are ways you can help starting with writing to your governor. “Waiting for Superman” is working towards writing 250,000 letters nationwide to legislators pleading for help, showing the importance of education in our country. A sample letter from “Waiting for Superman” is as follows:

Dear Gubernatorial Candidate

Too many of our high school students are not prepared for either college or for the jobs of the 21st century. We need clear, consistent, and high education standards that will prepare all students in our state and across the country for a 21st century economy.

I urge you to take the Candidate’s Pledge to support the implementation of rigorous world-class standards, such as the Common Core State Standards Initiative, and to support other policies that will fully realize these standards for every one of our school children.

Candidate’s Pledge on Common Core Standards:
In today’s world, we must adequately prepare our students for life beyond high school. Our students will be leaving our schools and competing for jobs not just with students from other states but with graduates from other countries. The best way to accelerate our state’s economic recovery is to invest in today’s students – who will be tomorrow’s workers.

Therefore, I hereby pledge that if elected as Governor to support the adoption in my state of the high-quality and consistent Common Core Standards. I further pledge that if elected, I will do everything possible for a timely and full implementation of these world-class standards, including a plan that insures that these standards reach every classroom. I will fully support policies that make these standards meaningful and applicable to every student.

It is in the interest of our children, our state and our nation to better prepare our students for life beyond high school. Clear, consistent, and high quality standards will help restore America to be the world’s leader in innovation and productivity.

Click here for more information to start your own letter writing campaign.