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Earth- Our Home

Space can be a complex idea for children, but teaching them the basics at a young age will help them understand things around them.

Teach your child what an astronaut is with this printable space uniform.

Print the template.

Ask your child to color the space suit however he/she wishes.

Use a scissors to cut a hole in the face of the space suit.

Paste your child’s photo in its place.


For addition fun, visit this website with your child to complete an easy E is for Earth puzzle. It is simple enough for a young child to complete and will not only will it teach your children what Earth is, but the relevance of the letter E to Earth.


My Outer Space Friend

Sure aliens may be a fabricated idea related to space travel, but either way… if you come across and alien they’re just like you and me!

Hello Jupiter!

The star looking dot on the lower left is the really the planet Jupiter.

Have you seen Jupiter in the sky? For the first time in over 50 years you can see Jupiter shining brightly near the full moon!

Astronomers have noted that the planet is so clear you can see the astronomic clouds around the planet as well as its markings. Near Jupiter you can even see a faint Uranus.

The last time Jupiter made such a dynamic appearance was in 1963. The planet is located 368 million miles from Earth adding amazement to the extraordinary show in the sky.

Grab your camera at nightfall and enjoy the rare appearance! Jupiter and Uranus will be visible for the next few weeks.