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Hands-On Approach

I hear, and I forget
I see, and I remember
I do, and I understand
– Chinese Proverb

Experience is the best teacher.  Learning by doing.  Learning is not a spectator sport.  These are all phrase that could be used to explain hands-on learning.

A hands-on approach to learning is exactly what we like to do at Sara Hickman’s Top Secret Science.  We like to get everyone who wants to be involved with the shows and events involved.

How do we do this?  We let the children do many of the experiments themselves.  We ask questions after questions to get them thinking about the processes happening.  We will test their questions.  For example, during a Kitchen Chemistry class a child asked, “Does baking soda make lemon juice fizz like vinegar?”  A great question!  That child came up and put some baking soda in the lemon juice and found the answer to their question.

To find out for yourself mix equal parts of lemon juice and water to give yourself a good amount of solution.  Drop in around a teaspoon of baking soda.  Remember, it might fizz.  Make sure you are testing this in an area that is easy to clean up or in a large enough container.

We do all sorts of fun activities like these and many others here at Sara Hickman’s Top Secret Science.   Go to our website and check out what we offer.


All week we have been discussing “Waiting for Superman.”  At Sara Hickman’s Top Secret Science we are taking action!

We have launched a program called “Early Risers.”  This program brings our science events to low-income schools and daycares.  If you would like to help out this program you can click here for more information.